Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gold - rumor, rumor!!

I will be the first to tell you - never trade on rumor.
This morning there is yet another rumor about gold. So rumor has it that EU Central banks are selling their gold holdings to fund Greek bailout. I find it a little amusing as gold is now up $6 into this headline.
True or not, I prefer to stay away from this annoying market manipulation by gold traders. Gold is one of the hardest financial vehicles to trade. If you are new at trading - STAY AWAY!!
For those who know how gold trades, it is merely retracing here after a $70 fall. We are sitting at fibo cluster resistance and that is simply it... Weekly S1 is @ 1481 (GCQ1), and I am thinking that 100dma @ 1474 (and rising) a magnet for now. That said, gold is still in uptrend and any short trades here to be quick, decisive, and with tight stops. After all, we may have Financial Armageddon II upon us at 5 am EDT on Wed...  :-)

please trade what you see, and not what I say

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