Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I remain skeptical, still looking for SPX 1100 retest and breach

I am so sorry to be so negative on newly-found Paradise. But can someone please explain to me how in the world of madness are they going to get such a complicated structure together in Europe just in time? I mean it took forever for those knuckleheads to figure out they needed a leveraged structure in the first place. Just wait for this end-of-quarter window dressing to pass and market will retest 1100. Observing the action, flat for now...
I am looking for 1163 gap to be filled in the next few days.

Need to clarify. If 1150 holds, then 1100 retest has already happened. ES_F did trade to 1102. I really hoped to see SPX cash down there as well. But hope is not a trading rule :)

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