Monday, October 3, 2011

Dow Transports Hit New Low

AMR is getting killed, down 35% as I type. DJT is at new 2011 low.
I was looking for it to possibly hold 9/22 low as a possible support, to no avail.
I have to point out this fact: on July 7 DJT made a new 2011 high without DJI. Dow theory followers were worried at that time, due to non-confirmation by Industrials, rightly so. This time DJT is making a new 2011 low, again without DJI confirming, which already has happened once before on 8/19, when Transports went to new low w/out Industrials. Is there another signal here, or just the fact that Industrials are lagging a bit and will follow to new lows? They are only 120 points above the 9/22 low. Need to monitor this development closely...

Please note that I am not a Dow Theory follower, I am just looking for some divergence and false non-confirmed breakdowns.

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