Wednesday, May 30, 2012

S&P 500 Futures Supports

The ugly tape is starting to scare longs away. There is nothing wrong with flattening your position if you can't sleep at night. Banking problems in Spain are now at the center of the attention. It is an epic battle out there, and I can smell the bulls' blood on the street.

Speaking of Spain and the bulls on the street... In beautiful Spanish city of Pamplona, there is an annual festival - San Fermin - which takes place in July. The main attraction of the festival is running of the bulls, where the brave men try to outrun the angry cattle through the narrow streets of the city. Unfortunately, a few of those men do not make it and get run over by the bulls.
Do you sense my not-so-hidden message? I think San Fermin festival may get an early start this year... When you see stampeding bulls, just get out of the way!

I would like the following support lines to hold.

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