Thursday, July 19, 2012

Deceptive Practice

I am going to voice the same concern until those who are buying this market can prove to me that it is irrelevant. After the bell high profile earnings reports from GOOG and MSFT revealed the same underlying theme - both companies missed on revenue but beat EPS expectations. The same thing happened yesterday with IBM. I strongly think that this does not bode well going forward. Companies continue to find many ways to cut their costs in order to beat on the bottom line. But if U.S. GDP is not going to grow at what was projected, as it now gets downgraded on almost daily basis due to worse-than-expected economic reports, there will be more pressure on the top line. Eventually the bottom line will suffer as well. The management of U.S. corporations is very creative and knows how to play the game with investors - grow your earnings per share and they will come. I refuse to give into this deceptive practice. I am actively and willfully shorting SPX right now. When analysts start cutting their 2012 / 2013 EPS projections it will be too late. 

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