Monday, July 30, 2012

Is This a Game?

"We will do whatever it takes to preserve the euro" statements are now once again all over the media. Eurozone leaders throw these words around every time they get scared that game over is near. What do they have up their sleeve this time? Have they been getting ready for this new action? I bet not. If they have, they would have done it already. Granted, this time Mario painted EZ leaders into the corner with his pledge, forcing them to act. Frantic meetings were held over the weekend, and more are planned for this week. Emergency! Emergency!

But we have seen this movie before - words are bigger than action, and disappointment immediately sweeps through the financial markets after the announcement. I think we are in for another one of those yet again.

On Thursday we get to see how many coins the question mark bricks hold for Mario to advance him to the next world. Somehow I think it may not be enough to save the Mushroom Kingdom.

Game Over    

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