Sunday, March 10, 2013

Quick Look @ S&P 500 Futures Bullish Scenario

On to the June contract we go...

From here on I will stay more focused on the price and less concentrated on why one or the other reason is behind virtually uninterrupted rally. It's useless to object to it, as self-inflicted wounds are just too demoralizing. No need to be a hero here. I get it, I really do...

So we have a similar structure to follow on 4 hr. This scenario may take us significantly higher. I am not sure if we just explode higher from here and run all the stops above 1576 on cash, or we come down to 1520 - 25 on futures first (green line) to backtest the latest breakout and then go back up to take out the all-time high on cash. That high is the magnet, since we are so close to it now. Rising 4 hr 50 period sma may also support the price. Top of the channel coincides with the target.

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