Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Is It Time To Worry?

Another day, another high, and even more divergences to show. The following three have been the strongest leaders of the rally, but lately stopped confirming new highs on S&P 500. The most important one is Dow Transports. Today, the price broke below the neckline of head and shoulders pattern I showed in my earlier post.

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  1. Hi MW !
    Once you proposed a target of max. 1611 in April'13 according to 2012 fractal period.
    Do you still think that target is possible or you lowered your targets?

  2. It would depend on whether price can close above 1576 for two consecutive days. Divergences have to be resolved first as well. Thank you for reading my blog!

    1. I should thank you for your reply and for your work.
      It would be great if you would update your blog more often, maybe on a daily basis. Your blog is among my daily checking blogs cause you proved to be an objective blogger that recognizes when it's wrong and incorporates the knowledge obtained from experience.
      Don't loose your faith in your work, it's valuable!
      I appreciate your work here.
      Keep it up!