Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today is a one-year anniversary of View On Markets.

My blog was started in attempt to help other traders, but at the same time it became a big help in my own trading. I hope that my readers gained from fundamental and technical market analysis displayed here. I am sure that some did not agree with my views, and it is perfectly fine with me. Differences of opinion make the markets.

I made some pretty amazing calls here, and some that were not so great as well. I covered topics which were important for day, swing, and position traders. Perhaps I sparked some interest from long-term investors as well. I am a trader. I ride the wave. I change my mind often. I am not perfect - nobody is. I learn from my mistakes. I celebrate my good trades. I reward myself but remain humble. I want to be better on my next trade.

It was a great pleasure to openly express my views. But after 365 days and 444 posts, I think that I may have developed a mild case of writer's fatigue. No, it is not a writer's block, as I still generate ample amount of thoughts in my head on daily basis. Yet I have not had an immediate urge to document them, and therefore have written less often lately, to a certain extent.

My blog will continue to be here. Frequency of posts will increase as soon as I regain my desire to write more.

Big thank you to all of my readers!

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